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. he is going to make the argument that mitt romney's foreign policy as a return to george w. bush. he left office very unpopular with respect to his foreign policy. obama will argue that he inherited a mess, at a less secure world, and he has made it more secure. mitt romney is advocating the same policies as george w. bush and will try to paint them as being reckless, too quick to use force, and the like. one more direct line of attack that was tried already was mitt romney did make some statement saying that he did not think we should galavant the world and spent billions of dollars trying to find one person. he criticized obama's statement that he would go inside pakistan after bin laden. obama will try to track that out to show that mitt romney is not tough on terrorism. i think he will try to make the argument that mitt romney is trapped in the past and maybe making -- his statements that russia is our number one geopolitical cell was mocked by a lot of people in the foreign- policy establishment, including a lot of republicans. the arms control agreement was -- had very strong b
the presidential medal of freedom by president george w. bush. >>> the heat wave simmers on with many households still stuck without power. this is the fourth straight day with heating weather and many have no air conditions, fans ice or other release. one in four households in washington, d.c. is still without power. they're struggling to clean up after the weekend storms that brought down trees an powerlines. >>> and we have an update now that's good news for fire crews bah ling the largest -- battling the largest firefighters. they'll resume following a deadly crash in south dakota on sunday entire fleet of c130 attack tankers was grounded. the fire is now 70% contained. >>> well, fog trying to come through and wiped out. it retreated really fast. we're happy to say the coast is clear in san jose which was overcast yesterday morning started off a little this morning. it was 63 yesterday for a low there. 56 this morning big difference northerly breeze decided to kick in. you know this time of year, that means good-bye to the fog and warmer temperatures. we had westerly breeze for a while, now
homeland adviser to george w. bush and an official from the american civil liberties union. the supreme court has agreed to hear a legal challenge to the law in its next term. it expires at the end of the year. from capitol hill, this hearing is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> the subcommittee will be in order. today's hearing examines the fisa act of 2008 which is set to expired at the end of the year. foreign intelligence act was to provide procedures for the domestic collection of foreign intelligence. in the 40 years since fisa's enactment, communications technologies have changed dramatically and revolutionized the transmission of international communications. the shift from wireless satellite communications to fiber-optic wire communications altered the manner in which foreign communications are transmitted. the use of wire technology, to transmit a phone call that takes place overseas at the unintended consequence of requiring the government to obtain an individualized fisa court order to monitor foreign communications by non-u.s. persons. in 2008, congress passed and the presid
, who was appointed by president george w. bush to lead this court in a more conservative direction initially was poised to strike down the key part of the health care law. but then he changed his mind and the outcome of this entire case. after oral arguments in the landmark case, sources tell cbs news roberts agreed with the court's four conservative justices that the heart of the law, the individual mandate that requires all americans to buy health insurance, was unconstitutional. but as roberts set out to write the court's majority opinion-- according to two sources with specific knowledge of the deliberations-- his views began to change. he forged an alliance with the court's four liberal justices and crafted a decision upholding the law under congress's power to levy taxes. that argument had gotten little attention and was uniformly rejected in the lower court. roberts then withstood a month- long desperate campaign by the conservatives led by justice anthony kennedy to bring him back. but roberts did not budge. on the last day of the court's term, after roberts announced his d
to do a good show ... in 2005, when receiving the presidential medal of freedom then-president george w. bush said tv shows come and go, but there's only one andy griffith." there was no cause of death given. andy griffith was 86 years old. >>he seemed to really be the character that he played on screen ... >>he certainly seemed that way i never interviewed him but in every interview i ever looked at he seemed to be the rock in the center of the madness ... you could still watch these shows and laugh your head off here on wgn ... attorneys are back in court today, as the judge in the drew peterson murder trial hears more pre-trial motions. wgn's julian crews is live at the will county courthouse with the very latest. >>could afternoon the judge cleared the courtroom of reporters and public just a short while ago to your legal arguments ... obviously those that are deemed to be sensitive what is being discussed in the courtroom is not entirely clear at this point they will county judges hearing a variety of defense motions to day motions that drew peterson and his defense team hope w
. ronald reagan has to don't engage her initiative. george h.w. bush said, clinton did. george w. bush and barack obama all day. and so, while i think there are some of my own personal views about how i thought president bush handled the situation, there's how he thinks american readers might disagree with, but their sinks in that readers would be surprised about in terms of a president bush sought in terms of diplomacy with north korea, which is not normally something they would associate with president bush's views on north korea. so that was a natural thing where i could add some pain on this that perhaps other authors have written on the topic would not be able to. >> host: you don't necessarily take an ideological giving your evaluation of the other administration's. do you do give of critical review of success and failures of other administrations in dealing with the issue. one of the the basic thesis of the book is north korea is the impossible state because no one inside has been power to overthrow it and no one on the outside cares enough to risk the cost of changing it. i wan
george w. bush a second term in 2004, but, if the tide goes out on the economy, there is enough fluidity, there is enough fluidity there are enough moderate voters and swing voters you could see potentially a big romney victory if in fact the economy is in the dumps. certainly you could see a big swing for romney. megyn: now they're talking about yet another round of quantitative easing which is basically fire up the money printer. we need more dough to easingis quantitatively. does that have any meaningful impact on that chart we saw between now and november? does that in any way put points on the board for barack obama, the democratic party, the american people? >> well, first we should point out they don't even bother to print money anymore. they conjure it digitally. it is made into being as pixels. megyn: getting so ex-haas tiff for the guy in the back. >> but, yes, democrats hope that if the news is bad enough and bernanke, chairman bernanke can convince the other members of the federal reserve to go along with another splurp of federal reserve money to free up lending that it will
possible by the chief justice john roberts appointed by george w. bush, and believed up until recently to be a conservative. there's a fascinating piece by cbs news sort of unwinding how this came to be in it. in it, i'm quoting now, roberts pays attention to media coverage. he's sensitive to how the court is perceived by the public. do you think it's possible that after reading weeks of "new york times" editorials attacking him preemptively for ruling against obamacare, chief justice roberts decided to rule it constitutional? >> i think that's possible, tucker. i don't know the guy. it certainly is possible. but, you know, i look at that decision, and as much as i hate it with every fiber of my being, because it's an immoral, horrible, euthanasia law. i believe fundamentally when he said i'm affirming the individual mandate, he gave us each of us an individual mandate to defeat barack obama, retake the senate, and repeal this law. he basically said, i'm not going to do your job for you. go out in the streets, win this election, do it like we do it in a democracy, and then you repeal t
, cnn political contributor and former white house press secretary for george w. bush. all, bill burton, senior strategist for the top pro-obama super pac and senior legal analyst for cnn jeffrey toobin. jeff, let me begin with you. it's a simple question but not a simple answer. tax or penalty? >> john roberts' opinion said that this penalty, tax, whatever you want to call it, this punishment, this payment, was justified under the taxing power of the constitution. that was why he approved the whole plan. that's what he said. what a bunch of politicians want to call it is the fight we're having now. >> to be really clear, if you parse the opinion, it suggests that those who don't go out and get the insurance under the new law will be punished with a tax. >> correct. that's exactly what the opinion holds. it's not a lot of people. if massachusetts is the example we're talking about, it's about 1% of the population refused to get health insurance and can afford it, those people will be punished under this law and chief justice roberts' opinion says the payment that they have to make is a
hunt, thank you. joining us, christian white, former state department senior advisor for george w. bush and principal at d.c. international advisory. you heard it was kind of an apology, kind of aqualified apology. how important is it? >> it's important. it's a apology or nonapology that shouldn't be made. we are engaging taliban forces inside afghanistan. we were attacked first. pakistan says the opposite. >> you look at the supply lines into afghanistan and nonetheless these are important for us. >> they're critically important though there's an alternative in asia and russia for the fraction of the $3 billion we hand pakistan we could have built a railroad, better for the afghan economy and our war firefighters, especially considering how much we have to take out of afghanistan. >> don't we need these supply lines? >> they're important. the question is why we couldn't have done something like impounding all aid to afghanistan. >> even a semi-apology is too much? >> it reinforce bad notions in pakistani politics that they can take a lot of our money and get away with anything, includi
. a young one i met last week. not able to vote yet. she is 17. eleanor bush no, relation to george w. bush. at cranbrook school in michigan and runs the teen republican club. i wanted to sec rise her -- recognize her and thank her for her efforts. >> greg: she is taller than you. >> kimberly: i had five-inch heals on. >> bob: she will change. freddie i want to touch on fireworks they were never able to figure out what happened when you got a dud. you could never return it to the fireworks stand. last month, 6200 residents in alaska got hopes up. hoax that taco bell was going to arrive but it was a hoax. they were let down, devastated. taco bell is a great american, they sent -- 10,00,000 durry toe loc -- doritos loco tacos to make them. that makes america great. about pie wall street if you gave them 10,000 years and all tin gredients they couldn't make one taco. >> bob: thanks, greg. >> eric: quickly, you know what? how old was she? >> dana: 17. eleanor bush is 17. >> eric: who sales 17? >> eric: come back. come back to republicans. >> bob: two more one more thing. i want to thank greta v
. and oh, here's something interesting, it's also about equal in size to george h.w. bush's 1990 tax increase. and whoa, you know who signed an even bigger tax increase into law, president ronald reagan. his 1982 tax increase was about 42% bigger. reagan also cut taxes and indeed he did, he cut them big. much like obama did in the stimulus and then again in 2010 when he extended all of the bush tax cuts for two years and added more on top of that, and like he's promising to do again in 2012 when he said he would extend most of the bush tax cuts permanently. i don't think this is great. to be fiscally responsible in the country, we're going to need to do more than let the bush tax cuts expire. we have to get deficits under control, taxes have to stop being a dirty word and start being a part of budgeting. we need to have the numbers straight. the affordable care act is not the largest tax hike in history, in 50 years, 40 years, 30 years, even 20 years and if you count the scheduled expiration in 2010 of the bush tax cuts, it's not even the largest tax hike written into law in the last
in the political or philosophical soulmate, fellow social democrat. george w. bush was the president out of the nightmares. barack obama is the president. they say if the nobel committee could design the president from scratching the turnout a lot like barack obama. c. was a bit of a natural. it was a way of saying, from their point of view, saying ding the witch is dead here bright and george w. bush is no longer in the office. he's a new crime of placing a new day. .. that's exactly right. he county use a work -- he said it is a war that is winding down. he defended the afghan war quite strongly and he also said that security of europe have been supported by the blooded american soldier. things like that george martial like things. this one was more hawkish, that's true. >> host: we're coming close to the end, is peace a good idea? did you come away from the book thinking that peace prize makes sense that if it went away tomorrow -- [inaudible] >> guest: it's an important question and i force myself to answer in the yards ward of my -- afterward in my book. i hope there's information i
's right. but george w. bush should have gone in his first term too and he did not. he's making the mistake his predecessor made. it's a valid criticism. the president of either party needs to go to israel, support israel. >> there's pictures when he was there in 2008 as a candidate. but as president, mary, he went to egypt, turkey, a whole bunch of other countries. >> but bush was not anti-israel even though he didn't go his first term. president obama has been very strongly supportive of israel as president and he will be if and when he gets a second term. that's the most important. >> that's not the reflection or the opinion of those who know the most about israel. they do not think he's been strong on israel. and i'd like to remind everybody what's happening in the first term -- >> i will say as someone who studied the u.s.-israeli relationship for a long, long time on a military to military relationship to intelligence is very strong right now between the united states and israel. there may be some personal irritation between netanyahu and president obama, but on a substantiative issue
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george w. bush had, which is a great deal of loyalty to his staff. and doesn't necessarily cut strings when it's time. i'm concerned about eric fehrnstrom and he gave the etch-a-sket etch-a-sketch remark and internally romney people seem to be saying they're upset with him for doing that. at the same time, though, the president up until the supreme court gave him a win last week had a significant series of bad weeks. polling isn't going well in the battle grounds. even cnn has him behind mitt romney in battle grounds. and no one wants to talk about should barack obama's team do this. i don't know if it's fair to talk about mitt romney's team when they're neck and neck in the polls and he hadn't done anything wrong in the past few weeks. >> right. and this is a campaign being run out of massachusetts so there are a lot of consultants wanting in. but to change your campaign at this point would be so destabilizing and demoralizing. you want to reach out and grow your campaign is what i think i'm hearing eric say. but when you're in the real heat, that would be i think a terrible managemen
in the entire republican party today. anta sntfoay n. paopivwreuli the george w. bush white house. saying that rush limbaugh is, in fact, a feared powerbrokers rout t rubn y. upby fthandr heide gotoe coge made her a slut and a prostitute. he said she was having so much sex the she eeds a whole lot of contcepon a joins other pe pe ay i nkao that. mighty rush limbaugh doesn't seem to understand the birth control pill is not likeviagra. [laughter] [aus do t abi ol llt re in sex like -- oh, never mind. sandra flukewas not cowed by aus he- asinn. f ut h ppit ppen. women and men around the country were disgusted by libaugh. and in short order he los nearly 100% of his national [cs seiss. asllfyin in honoring this amazing champion, this role model, now 12an o ore. hean pau >> thank you so much for that, that very warm and lively wee. lv ki t ful noingtes staying quiet during comments, excellent. so i have to say thank you so very much to terry, and to all rni oat oento n.o.w. f wa,b s t els aan f urad oelawmn o sto follow a good mode because i, like i'm sur every young feminists in this coun
, ronald reagan's tax increase, son of a gun. the next one is president george h.w. bush's tax increase, and the next one is bill clinton's tax increase. gosh, they're all much larger than any tax increase than president obama's health care bill, don't you think? let's turn to richard wolf and joan walsh, editor at large at >> he created a problem for the romney camp. damage assessment. let's go. how much damage did he do today? >> i think the damage was being done over the weekend when journalists were taking clips of mitt romney saying it's a penalty, not a tax about massachusetts. and the one thing we should add to the montage of people calling it a tax is mitt romney. he said it was a tax increase. he sent his advisers out to talk to reporters and he said we have a brand new issue with the most gigantic tax increase in history. it was the romney team that started it or went along with sarah palin, i should say, and they were happy to talk about it like this for 24 hours and then someone was like, uh-oh, it reminds me of that old school yard saying, i'm rubber and you're g
back to your original question, look, republicans from christine todd-whitman to george h.w. bush to newt gingrich to others said we have a major problem here. we can acknowledge we have a problem. the question is how do we solve it. a more progressive angle is maybe throw more money at the problem, perhaps x, y or z. the conservative angle is maybe we should do a, b and c. the question becomes who is that leader, a la al gore or someone like that, that can force a national conversation for republicans and for democrats to literally sit down on the couch and to be able to have a thoughtful conversation about how we move the country forward in a thoughtful way. >> is that person david de rothschild? david, are you ready to lead the revolution? >> no pressure as i hold up the world here. listen, i think exactly the sentiments that are being said here, how do we act upon it. i think we have to basically just say look, conserve our resources, invest in green jobs. that's the real thing. there's a whole innovation race that could unfold that would create real jobs that would boost the
process which has lapsed under george w. bush contributed to stability. now each country can inspect the other's arsenal once again. martha: what is the republican response to the latest news and the numbers. >> reporter: it hasn't been good. arizona republican congressman trent franks who is on the armed services committee called the proposed kphut cuts preposterous. it's likely the white house won't announce the proposal until after november. there would have to be tkpwoerbgts -ts wit negotiations with the russians and a treaty ratified by the senate. president obama in march described his vision of a world without nuclear weapons e. said he was looking forward to meeting with russian president putin in may to discuss future cuts, but that didn't happen since mr. putin skipped the g-8 summit. they say it is easier to bring pressure on north korea and iran. iran is saying their nuclear program is peaceful. north korea is known to have tried a nuclear test. gregg: context for you now on the nuclear program as it sands today. the united states has a total of just over 5100 warheads, o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 57 (some duplicates have been removed)